Avila Valley Barn

Reason #45485 why California’s Central Coast is the hidden gem that is overlooked by “So Cal” and “Nor Cal” consists of three words: Avila Valley Barn. Charming and charismatic, Avila Valley Barn will bring a smile to your face, whether you’re a local or a visitor.

First started in 1985, this little store started as a single table and umbrella along Avila Beach Drive beckoning passerby’s attention to stop and shop. Now, it hosts thousands of visitors craving the magical fall spirit. Its become a favorite spot to buy the freshest fruit and vegetables grown locally, pick up a pie or bakery treat, stop off for lunch from our deli or get an ice cream on the way to Avila Beach. The bakery creates fresh fruit pies, cobblers, and turnovers using the juicy, plump fruit they grow right there on their farm.

If you don’t fall in love with this barn then you’re crazy. The details make this place so special, from the parking lot lined with tall sunflowers, to the giant piles of stacked pumpkins.

Be sure to swing by and pick up a cherry pie (my favorite) the next time you’re heading north on the 101!…For me…I’ll pay you back.











“Do what you love, not what you think ‘you’re supposed to do.'”

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