Dressing for fall

Fall is the best season of the year if you’re in love with fashion. The weather is versatile enough to allow your creativity to shine! You can still get by wearing the questionable summer pieces, but also incorporate some early winter pieces into your look. While getting creative is a blast, there are still some important concepts to keep in mind. Below is a list of tips and, of course, some “no-no’s!”

Tips & Pointers, Things-to-try, Rules.

  • Wear a thin, breathable, long-sleeved shirt under a slim wool or cashmere sweater,
  • A leather jacket is always a good investment since you’ll wear it for years to come. You can layer underneath or on top for more warmth.
  • All colors work. Seasonal colors should not be a “thing.”
  • Pair sweaters and button-ups over your best frocks to maximize your wardrobe as best as you can.
  • Pair thinner jackets and vests under and over your thicker layering pieces.
  • Take the weather into consideration! Dress appropriately for the colder days.
  • When layering, put the longest piece of clothing on the bottom, and then move up from there!
  • Invest in statement boots! This season is flooded with boots—pick yours to match your personality!
  • Mix textures for dimension.

Uh-Oh’s, No-No’s, Oopsies, Don’ts.

  • Believe it or not, there is such thing as too much layering! Make sure you keep an eye on your proportions and don’t bulk up too much with too many extra fabrics hanging about randomly.
  • Clingy clothes and dresses with leggings are never flattering.
  • Flip-flops or sandals belong in the back of your closet, not on your feet.
  • Stay away from aggressively summer items in the fall (tropical prints, tank tops, shorts over tights, etc.)
  • Don’t allow the control-top line to peek out from underneath hemlines.
  • Don’t go overboard! While we love denim on denim right now, we still don’t want to over-do our alternative denim pieces. Although we love Britney, we don’t want to resemble her and Justin circa 2001!
  • Don’t look like you’re trying too hard—pay close attention to the colors and patterns that you’re mixing.


“Of course it’s hard. Of course you’re stressed, but these are all the things that are putting you ahead.” -#BossBabe

Photography: Kristine Cramer Photography











Plaid top: J.Crew | Sweater: LL Bean | Necklace: J.Crew | Bag: H&M

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