I Like Bunnies

Turtles are boring. Bunnies are fluffy and cute. There’s something romantic and fun about an odd and unexpected print on a blouse that makes someone double look at you to make sure they saw something correctly. I think I fell in love with this particular top because it reminds me of Lemon Breeland, a vintage and romantic dresser, from Hart of Dixie. If you don’t remember me confessing my love for that show, then remind yourself by clicking here.

Anyways, Lemon is, of course, a fictional character, but she’s another one of my fashion inspirations. My friends constantly hear me declaring items as things that Lemon would wear while we’re out shopping. WWLW–What Would Lemon Wear? Something with a bold print in light colors.

The first time that I wore this top in pubic, someone actually asked me, “Wait, are those bunnies?” My reply? “Um, yeah, of course?”

You’re probably wondering about the paper flowers in the photos below, right? I knew it. The flowers are by Fanciful Designs and they’re on display at the SOIREE CENTER. They’re handcrafted from one of the simplest textiles of all–paper! Believe it or not, they’re even more stunning in person. Make sure to check out the gorgeous designs by visiting their website to get inspiration for your upcoming event! Did someone say, “Paper flower photo wall backdrop”? Yes, please.

Photography: Kristine Cramer Photography












Top: H&M | Shoes: J.Crew | Shorts: J.Crew | Bracelet: Random boutique | Earrings: Forever21 | Location: SOIREE CENTER | Paper Flowers: Fanciful Designs

“It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone.” -Hans F Hansen

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