Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead, also known as the, “Alps of Southern California,”  holds a special place in my heart. Not only is it breathtakingly stunning with its thick pine trees, it also has the most charming little community that is featured in my most vivid and favorite childhood memories. Nestled away in the San Bernardino Mountains, Lake Arrowhead is the perfect weekend getaway.

I was one of the lucky kids who got to spend their summer and winter breaks at my grandparent’s house. Boating in the summer and snow days during the winter. Unfortunately and disappointedly, I hadn’t visited since 2006! I know, way too long. Growing up makes your life busy. Anyways, I thought now would be the time to head up for a visit to reminisce.

During the visit I knew exactly where I wanted to visit. So, I beelined to the old house, hung out on one of my grandparent’s old docks, took a relaxing ride on the Lake Arrowhead Queen around the lake’s perimeter, went to familiar restaurants, ate breakfast at the Country Club, and walked around the charismatic village.

What was my favorite part of the trip? I didn’t have a favorite “part.” All of it was special to me. My favorite feeling of the trip was the realization that the physical appearance of the entire community didn’t change. Yes, some businesses closed down and have been replaced by new ones, but other than that, everything was the same! When you’re feeling nostalgic, there is nothing more comforting and soothing than being able to step back into a place and feel like you never left.

Check out some of my highlights below!


Top: H&M | Chino shorts: J.Crew | Necklace: Charming Charlie











The Lake Arrowhead Country Club was a go-to spot for my family for two reasons. First, we could feed the ducks that lived in this little area. The downside? There were two giant evil geese that would chase my brother and me around until we would hop onto a stone fire pit, tall enough so the geese couldn’t get us. Looking back, I realize the horrible geese would chase us because we had bags of bread. Duh. But, one actually did bite us, so I still consider them evil. Also, when I say, “giant,” they were about knee-height. To a small child, that’s “giant.” Our parents would laugh while this occurred (every time) instead of trying to grab their perfectly loving children to make sure they didn’t get attacked. The second reason why we loved this particular place had to do with the BBQ pits. YES, after the lake we would head to the country club to BBQ.




Top: Forever21 | Shorts: American Eagle | Sunglasses: Dior | Purse: Kate Spade | Bracelets: Rose Gonzales | Shoes: Tory Burch | Cup: Starbucks, duh

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