Let’s Get Fancy Shmancy

This dress makes me feel like a Disney princess. But on a serious level, it’s actually a sophisticated option for wedding season. Its gorgeous lavender color and its conservative silhouette make for a timeless look.

I’ve been loving midi dresses and skirts. Click here, here, and here, for other midi-dresses that I’ve recently loved!

The ASOS Tall Premium Lace Insert Dress immediately showcases pure elegance. The minute you zip it up, you’ll feel like royalty. Not sure royalty is the look you’re going for, but why not? We all secretly, kind of, wish we were Kate Middleton anyways. Throw it on when you’re heading to high-tea at the Biltmore, attending Prom, or getting fancy at a wedding

I decided to get a little playful with this conservative look and add a pair of funky sunglasses! These round and vibrant lens cost me a whopping $5.00 in a random tourist store in Palm Springs. Best $5.00 I’ve ever spent, if you ask me.

Also, ASOS offers this dress in their ASOS CURVE line as well! Wahoo!


“Grace works best on messy people.”

Photography: Kristine Cramer Photography

Dress: ASOS Tall or ASOS CURVE | Sunglasses: GOOD LUCK, SUCKERS!

P.S. I think Sophia from Girl Boss has rubbed off on me (Netflix show…Stop everything right now if you haven’t watched it already).

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