Little White Dress

This dress is everything. I can’t wait to wear it during the spring and summer, which basically started during February in California because it’s been so warm. El Nino—where the heck are you?

I’ve never enjoyed tight-fitting clothing. I honestly don’t understand how women are wearing those skin-tight-Kim-Kardashian-type dresses lately. First off, I think they’re dull and boring. Secondly, I think there’s a level of sophistication with a nicely draped ensemble. This particular dress has a loose-fitting silhouette, which is nice for a bajillion reasons. Bajillion? Yes. The main reason–you can eat as much pizza in it as you want, without having a restricting dress that’s confining your body (major win). The high neckline gives a sense of chicness, while its drop-waist hints some flirtation. To make this dress even more appealing, the material is super soft with a preppy bubble knit.

I give this dress an A+.

There’s so many ways to wear this piece; the versatility is endless. I chose to pair it with some beige open-toed ankle boots from TOMS and added a hint of color with the light pink Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. crossbody bag. If you’re looking to wear this dress more casually, then just simply accessorize by adding some white Chuck Taylors and some big-framed sunnies.

The second I zipped the zipper up, I wanted to spin around in circles. Trust me, you will too!

Photography: Kristine Cramer Photography

“You never look good trying to make someone else look bad.”








Dress: Abercrombie & Fitch | Purse: Rebecca Minkoff | Shoes: TOMS

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