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Mixing prints is fun! Really, it is. It takes creativity and bravery (especially when you live in a non-trendy place). There are a lot of “rules” out there about how to mix prints, but they’re usually outdated and more focused on what “doesn’t” work than what does. In other words, they’re total B.S. Once you mix prints successfully, you’ll feel pretty empowered to continue doing it.

It also means you’re probably going to get some confused looks. I know that’s silly, because who cares what other people think, right? Right. But, some people like to voice their confusion in a statement and declare that you’re “not matching.” Those people are boring. Don’t listen to them.

Recently, I remember walking into my aunt’s house wearing a striped shirt with leopard print ballet flats. Two prints that totally mix really great together. My little sister, who I love dearly, was the first person to ask, “What are you wearing? You don’t match at all.” Now, “boring” would never be a word I would use to describe my sister. If anything, she’s the complete opposite. She’s absolutely mind-blowingly amazing. But, that’s my point. People who aren’t familiar with this level of fashion creativity won’t understand your mixture of prints, but they don’t need to because what you’re wearing isn’t for them. Its for yourself. Its to make you feel confident, creative, unique, and inspiring.

Here are some of my notes to mix patterns and clash prints like a pro!

  1. Pick one print to dominate and pick another to accent. My dominating print is plaid, while my accent is stripes.
  2. Pick prints of different scale. My plaid seems to be a larger print than the thin stripes.
  3. Keep your differentiating prints within the same color family or share a common color. Both of my prints are navy based.
  4. Pair mixed prints with neutrals for an easy, casual vibe. You’ll notice my neutral is white.
  5. Stripes are also considered neutral.
  6. Break up patterns with a belt for a cohesive look.
  7. Textures definitely count as a print. You can’t really notice, but my scarf is actually a blanket scarf, so there’s woven wool. Its a subtle texture, so its hard to notice when you’re not in person.
  8. Pair two types of the same print. Whether its two different florals, or two versions of stripes…(plaid is just perpendicular stripes).

Photography: Kristine Cramer Photography








Top: H&M | Shorts: J.Crew | Scarf: Abercrombie & Fitch | Shoes: Converse | Watch: Kate Spade

“You are deserving of the most pure, whole, authentic love. I hope you know that.”

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