Your Casual Little Black Dress

Let’s face it–finding a little black dress is easy. Finding a casual black dress that is versatile, allowing you to wear it however you want, casually or dressy, is another story. It’s actually quite difficult. Most designers like to spice a little black dress up with embellishments, lace, crochet, mesh, leather, etc. It seems that so many designers are trying making their mark by incorporating their twist and personal style, that a plain and basic black dress seems to always be forgotten.

This dress from Urban Outfitters is my go-to in my closet. I prefer to wear it casually with boots or gladiator sandals, but I’ve also dressed it up for special occasions with heels or heeled boots. The best part about this dress is that you literally throw it on over your head and go! It’s, flat out, easy.

I see solid, simple, and basic dresses as a blank canvas. They allow you to express yourself and your mood by how you accessorize them. I love wearing this piece in an edgy way while incorporating studs on my Chloe boots and a big statement bracelet from Alkemie Jewelry.

Photography: Kristine Cramer Photography

“You don’t lower your standards for them, they rise up to your standards for you.”






Dress: Urban Outfitters | Bracelet: Alkemie Jewelry | Shoes: Chloe (similar) 

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